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    Company News

    2020 Autumn The first online Canton Fair

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    Update time : 2020-10-15 17:28:42

              The 128th Online Canton Fair Invitation was kicked off this morning, burning together hundreds of glass industry giants and well-known brands,this session will continue to be adoptedOnline platform,bringOnline servicesto exhibitors and buyers. As one ofthe exhibitors, Jinghuang Glassware has made full preparations and carried out every live broadcast in full swing.


             During 8-day trade fair from October 17th to 24th, This exhibition will be on display all of the our promotional products and various series of new products, etc. Not only enriches the existingproduct chain, but also greatly enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of products, with new design products, unique attributes,exquisite craftsmanship, we will be happy to provide with excellent quality and service for all new and old customer.


            During this trade fair, Stand staff brainstorming for exhibition,  and all departments actively cooperated and contributed, showing good teamwork spirit of JH department. We are convinced that under the wise leadership of the JH leaders, with the unremittingefforts of the JH team, we will surely achieve a complete success in the online fair!

    Online Canton Fair websitehttps://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/
    BOOTH NO8.1L24-26、J21-23、6.1H37-38
    International Websitehttps://southglass.en.alibaba.com
    We look forward to your coming for watching our live broadcast and discuss cooperation during the fair.