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    35/F,R&F Profit Plaza,No.76 Huangpu Dadao Road.West. Zhujiang New City, Guangzhou, China
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    Effectively implement and continuously optimize the human resource management system, which established and drove by ability. Gradually improving personnel structure and quality level to realize the human resource matching. Increasing the value of human capital to ensure the stable development of the company and high quality human resource. Eventually realize the company management goal.

    1.Outstanding people are the most valuable capital in JH.
    2.Attach importance to talent who owns both morality and ability.
    3.Adhere to the people-oriented and humanistic concept.
    4.Establishing learning type enterprise to accomplish competitive advantage.
    5.Advocate a strong sense of responsibility and a good spirit character in bearing.
    6.pursuing a pleasant working atmosphere, establishing a positive attitude, seeking the excellence and praising the culture of achievement.