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    35/F,R&F Profit Plaza,No.76 Huangpu Dadao Road.West. Zhujiang New City, Guangzhou, China
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    About Us

        Welcome to our Guangzhou Jing Huang Glassware Company’s official website, we appreciate for your concerting about our development and sharing our joy.

        Jing Huang Glassware was founded in 2001, since its establishment it has been almost 16 years until now. During these years, we had passed through economic change and market influence. Through the joint efforts and unremitting of all staffs, and excellent quality and continuous innovation, we created a glorious and brilliant situation. Our aspiration is becoming the world's largest supplier of glassware and glass products. For this purpose, we still insist on the enterprise spirit of--“Integrity, Pragmatic, Innovation, Excellence”. Based on our advanced management mode and the superior enterprise culture, we can provide supre me products and ace service to our customers. 

        Looking back at the past, we had seized a good opportunity and dared to break a new path for it, so we gain a huge success at present. In 2017, we are standing a turning point of new period, we have strong faith in our abilities to find the opportunities in the crisis, and challenge the limit in the hard time. We will create greater value for our costumers, employees, shareholders and  the whole society.